African Journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals

In an effort to make African scholarly research output more visible, we would like to better understand which journals are currently published in each country in Africa, and also which journals are available as Open Access. Many academic libraries have started offering scholarly journal hosting services using OJS (Open Journal Systems) software, in addition to hosting institutional repositories using open source software such as DSpace.

Through the Directory of Open Access Journal initiative (DOAJ), we would like to encourage all African librarians to assist African journals to make the transition to online and open access. If the journal is already online and open access, please apply for the journal to be included in DOAJ by completing the online form.

The African DOAJ Ambassadors would be more than prepared working with you in making your journal becoming DOAJ compliant. The DOAJ Ambassadors for the African continent include:

Kamel Belhamel (North Africa)

Pascal Soubeiga (West Africa)

Solomon Mekonnen (East Africa)

Ina Smith (Southern Africa)

The number of scholarly journals per country in Southern Africa included in DOAJ (please visit DOAJ for other African countries):

Angola: 0

Botswana: 0

Democratic Republic of the Congo: 1

Lesotho: 0

Madagascar: 0

Malawi: 0

Mauritius: 2

Mozambique: 0

Namibia: 0

Seychelles: 0

South Africa: 89

Eswatini (Swaziland): 0

Tanzania: 0

Zambia: 0

Zimbabwe: 0

Another report shared by Kamel Belhamel via Twitter: