Closing of the Pilot AOSP Project – October 2019

The 3-year AOSP Pilot Project has now come to an end, and the deliverables (landscape study and frameworks) required by the funder have now been submitted – the funder being the SA National Research Foundation. For inquiries related to the future AOSP, please contact:

Dr Sepo Hachigonta


Read more about the future AOSP at the following:


The AOSP Pilot Project team had an opportunity to present selected findings from the landscape study during the AOSP Delivery Phase Meeting at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt on 2 September 2019. See NRF Events. The presentation can be accessed at the following:


On behalf of the AOSP Pilot Project Team based at ASSAf, we are looking forward staying in touch on Open Science across the globe. This project would not have been the success it has been without you! We still have lots of work to do regarding Open Science, and great opportunities and engagements to participate in, also for ASSAf working with African and global Academies of Science! Please also continue the great work on your side, and stay in touch!

Thank you.

Ina Smith