Accessing Open Access Research Content


Institutional Repositories

Researchers are encouraged to publish research articles as always, with preferred publishers. In addition to publishing their research articles, they are encouraged to also upload a second copy of the published article into the institutions’ institutional repository. The purpose of an IR is to centrally archive all research output by an institution, at the same time increasing the visibility of the institution and the impact it has in addressing research challenges. The following directories provide info on known repositories from all over the world:


  • The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists 12,740 Open Access journals from all over the world. High quality African open access journals are also encouraged to adhere to the requirements, and to apply for inclusion. See


Data Repositories

  • We have identified quite a number of data repositories on the African continent as part of the African Open Science Platform (AOSP). To be published as part of the AOSP landscape study.
  • Data repositories are encouraged to register with