Call for Participation in Big Data Transfer to be used for Proof of Concepts

The South African National Research Network (SANReN, NICIS) are working on a service for the South African Research and Education community – big data transfer service. This will be based on Science DMZs and data transfer nodes (DTNs). Currently, we have nodes at CSIR (Pretoria), WITS (Johannesburg) and Cape Town.

We are looking for users with large data sets to be used for proof of concepts for the service. Anyone with > 10 GB of research/science data, particularly those with current issues in moving it around (e.g. considers shipping hard-drives of data instead of using the SA NREN), are good potentials.

Please contact Renier van Heerden ( ) or Kasandra Pillay or the PERT team if we can assist with your large data transfers.