Towards a Framework for Open Science in SA: SA-EU Open Science Dialogue Report released

During the past SFSA2018, the SA-EU Open Science Dialogue Report was released. Where AOSP – for now (Pilot Phase) – focuses on creating awareness, advocating and recommending frameworks (incl. roadmaps) towards a continental, but also national frameworks for individual countries (to be finalised in 2019), this SA-EU Open Science Dialogue Report is the outcome of work to put in place a SA Open Science Framework.

A key challenge facing Open Sci­ence in South Africa – as in many countries – is the issue of fragmen­tation, and absence of a common sense of direction. Hence, the decision to develop an overarching national framework on Open Sci­ence. The Open Science Framework for South Africa articulates a set of guidelines and princi­ples for publicly funded open science and open data for the South African context. The Open Science Framework also includes action points for key stakeholders such as relevant govern­ment departments, universities, science coun­cils, civil society and industry.

The work on this framework started in December 2016. As shared previously, Open Science forms an integral part of the newly released (Draft) SA White Paper on STI.

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