Budgeting for Open Access

For Open Access to quality research to remain sustainable, institutions and libraries across Africa and the world are encouraged to budget in order to support Open Access, Open Science and Open Data. Open Access can only be sustainable if the library and research communities contribute back.

Ways in which institutions/libraries can support Open Access, Open Science and Open Data:

– Developers can report bugs in Open Source software, or contribute code to the developers of a specific software product, such as DSpace or OJS.

– Libraries can financially support initiatives such as the Directory of Open Access Journals (become a member). Unfortunately there are very few members from Africa this far. Membership fees are available at https://doaj.org/membership. Interested parties are requested to contact Lars Bjornshauge at lars@doaj.org.

– Libraries can support higher level initiatives for up to 3 years, such as the SCOSS initiative (SCOSS: A global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services). SCOSS advocates for helping Open Access initiatives such as DOAJ to become more sustainable.

On this page you can see which institutions are ordinary members and you can see which institutions are supporting DOAJ at a higher (SCOSS) rate: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_R14hfKZBYJOlxByUy-Uq6-vJg7fQ3WC3h1OV7qmBmU/edit#gid=0

A special list of institutions who have signed up for supporting DOAJ based on the SCOSS fees and other special commitments: www.doaj.org/scoss

In the case of DOAJ or SCOSS, potential new members can contact Lars Bjornshauge at lars@doaj.org

Please consider adding Open Access as a budget line item, so that we can continue to benefit from science as well as the software we use – freely available to all.